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The End of All Things (A Hymn for the Trinune God)

Our God is the Father, the Spirit, and Son
One God in three Persons; three Persons in One
And the heavenly host adore Him and sing
  For the glory of God is the end of all things

The Father Almighty has shown His great love
With every good gift that has come from above
And the righteous are safe in the shade of His wings
  'Till the world is made new at the end of all things

The Son took on flesh; for our sins He did die
Resurrected to life and ascended on high
The Lord of all lords and the King of all kings
  His power shall reign at the end of all things

The Spirit indwells and new birth is received
Salvation bestowed upon all who've believed
In truth He shall lead them with gifts that He brings
  And the church will arise at the end of all things

The sun, moon, and stars are the work of His hands
And history bends to the will of His plans
The heavens cry out and eternity sings:
  'The glory of God is the end of all things'

Trinitarian Miscellanies (#1)

God the Father

God the Son
who dies and rises and sends
God the Holy Spirit
to indwell the believer who is then enabled by
God the Holy Spirit
to put their faith in the dying and rising of
God the Son
for their salvation and reconciliation to
God the Father.